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Dragon made his Catholic Confirmation on Sunday. It’s official, he’s an ADULT Catholic.

That means he makes his own CATHOLIC ADULT decisions. He can decide if he’s going to continue to be an Altar Server for the next year (which he WILL do) or become a lector or usher (which he WON’T do, yet…).

#2 is in charge of Altar Servers and Dragon is still on the list… sorry buddy, you can’t quit the “Family Business….”

And there are no other adult decisions left up to you. Dragon, there’s a lag time between this and, well, 18? or 21?

You are a good boy and I know things will go ever so ever smoothly   between now and then.

I know it. Teenagers are easy.

Especially teenage boys. Easy.

Not a problem in the world, oh no, not one.

Really, I do. Not one of them gives you a hard time about schedules.

Or time limits.

Or school.

Or tv.

Or video games.

Or chores.

Or food.

Or life.

Nope, free sailing from this point on….


In the meantime, while I begin to recover from my lapse from reality,

Here are some pics from his Confirmation dinner at JJ Kelleys. (I would like to say that having dinner with my six men is, well, exhausting. Add my mother in….   I would also like to say that the two men (their friends) who joined us were, as usual, entertaining at best, not annoying at least. )

fit4DSC_0064 fit4DSC_0065 fit4DSC_0066 fit4DSC_0067 fit4DSC_0068 fit4DSC_0069 fit4DSC_0070 fit4DSC_0071 fit4DSC_0072 fit4DSC_0073 fit4DSC_0074 fit4DSC_0075 fit4DSC_0076 fit4DSC_0077 fit4DSC_0078 fit4DSC_0079 fit4DSC_0080 fit4DSC_0081 fit4DSC_0082 fit4DSC_0083 fit4DSC_0084 fit4DSC_0085 fit4DSC_0086 fit4DSC_0087 fit4DSC_0088 fit4DSC_0089 fit4DSC_0090 fit4DSC_0091 fit4DSC_0092 fit4DSC_0093 fit4DSC_0094


It’s a good thing that M and Snake moved during these pictures. Because DRAGON did NOT.

No, he is NOT annoying at all. I love him best, I really, really, do….

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