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About two weeks ago, my mom called and asked me to help her with a scheduling issue she had.

She was going to watch my nephew for the weekend and wanted to go to a Saturday luncheon that was close to my house. We live in the area where I grew up, she moved about 45 minutes away a while back.

It was a reunion lunch, from our old church, where Steve and I were married. She rarely misses an opportunity to visit with her “old” friends.

This particular nephew is part of a group that I like to call “The Triplets”.  Both of my sisters and I were pregnant at the same time. Yes, weird. The three boys are about 6 weeks apart in age, JB is the youngest.

My mom asked if my nephew could stay at our house for a couple of hours while she went to the lunch with her friend, Nancy.

“Of course.”

Then she did the unthinkable. She asked:

“Is it ok if JB comes home with me and spends the night? Just JB, not Snake. Three boys doesn’t work, someone is always left out.”

(I would like to pause now and remind you that I am one of three girls… Someone is always left out? Huh, that never happens to me…)

“Yes, of course.”

How could I say no to that one…

She asked early in the week but I kept the information to myself until Saturday morning. I knew what the response would be. It would not be good. It would not end well. Well, at least for ONE of them.

I was right.

JB was, of course, happy, elated, overjoyed, etc. to spend time with his cousin AND get to sleep over at DeDee’s house. Win, win WIN! for him.

Snake was devastated.

Just devastated. It broke my heart. And no, telling him ahead of time would not have worked. It would only have prolonged the agony.

Trust me. 19 years of boys. Really, just trust me.

He was so upset that when she came to pick them up, he didn’t go outside to say goodbye.

He sat in the dining room, sobbing.

Just sobbing. How was he going to get through the next 2 days without him?

What would he DO?

Luckily my mom had a friend with her and didn’t get out of the car. She pulled up in the driveway, the boys hopped in and off they went. No drama here.

And off I went, back into the house and into the dining room, to figure out what to do with my baby.

They are very rarely apart. It’s a love/disagreement thing, you know, between brothers. They get along great and giggle and laugh. Then they do something that bugs the other one and when I ask a question about their motive, they say “What?” in that tone of voice.

You know that tone of voice.

And it’s not just the two of them that are rarely apart, it’s the three of us. We are very rarely apart.

Ever. Ever apart.



Never. Wait, that’s different than ever.



That’s a lot of togetherness…

And I love it. And I love them. I really, really do. But some days…. some days I need a bit of an “interruption”. That’s what dance is. I’m “spending time with them” while I sit at a restaurant working on a blog like this eating dinner and waiting for them. Waiting  for them… see? It counts….

Anyway, our trio was now a duo and quite frankly even I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. When I came in and he was still sobbing, I figured bribes were going to be a big part of the weekend.

AND to add insult to injury, Steve and I had to work at the office that day. Inside, at an office.

So now Snake, in addition to being “alone” had to spend the day “alone” with his parents. In their office. While they worked on exciting things like paperwork and tax returns…

(Does the youngest always get the short end of the stick on deals like this?)
“WHAT am I going to do there? JB’s not there…” Quivering…

“You can play the computer.”

Normally that’s not allowed at the office.

Bribe #1.

(THAT’S how we found out that Minecraft takes up a TON on data on a mobile hotspot plan. A TON. He played for an hour and a half and used up 15% of our current 4g plan. And now I know we are not replacing Comcast at the house. I do have to thank him, though, that was an easy way to figure that out.)

We let him finish his game, even though we were dangerously close to our data limit. Yes, our plan reset the next day…

Bribe #2.

“What do you want for dinner? We will buy you dinner since it’s just the three of us.”

Bribe #3.

“I want Wendy’s.”

I didn’t want Wendy’s.

“How about JJ Kelleys? You like their food. But I’ll go to both if you really want Wendy’s.”

Bribe #4.

“Hmmm, can I get those potato things?”

Potato skins. JJ’s has them Reuben-style.

“Yes, how about the ones with corned beef?”  With Swiss cheese, EVEN though he’s off dairy.

Bribe #5.

“And how about those French fries with the cheese and bacon and green onions on them?” Yes, more dairy, but he loves them.

Bribe #6.

“Yea! That sounds good!”

“I have to check the servers at church, I’ll order and pick it up, you can play Link tonight, see you at home.” To Steve and Snake.

Bribes#7 and #8. I would do all of the work. They did have to pick up soda, though… and then they could play video games.

I’m getting soft..


I checked the servers, picked up the meal and went home. Here is my baby… on his own…


That’s how he looked when JB left. Oh, and when I took a picture of him during our “Bribe Extravaganza” Dinner.

“Mom, don’t take my picture!”

Notice the grape soda that Steve picked out. Usually banished, red 40.


Bribe #9…




What would you do if those eyes were looking at you when his brother left him? Normally I am immune but this time… this time I gave in…



“Oh wait, I have the undivided attention from my parents AND a take out dinner with cheese in it? I think I’m doing ok now.”


“AND grape soda? I’m good. Never mind what I’ve said. And done…”


“I am now plotting how to share my mind-altering information with other 7 year olds so they can manipulate their parents too.”

“Wait, she’s been watching me all along? And she knows? Never mind. Again.”

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