The Easter Bunny

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The older boys had their friends over yesterday, and I decided to cook outside. We needed lunch and what’s an extra couple of teenage boys, anyway?

Actually, not much, believe it or not, so if the parents of those boys are reading this post, rest assured. I have to feed my family. Your couple of boys really is part of the fixed costs of my food life. I HAVE to buy the box of Polish Sausage, the big box, they might as well eat them now. If I freeze them, well… I”m not known for my reliance on the freezer. Especially the basement freezer. Pretty much gone to me… Might as well eat them now… I’m working on that…

And it’s one of the last days of processed meat (hot dogs, polish sausage) for a while. I watched another food movie… Hungry for Change…  and those “episodes” that I have about our eating habits after I watch one of these movies never end well for the Polish meat-eating people in this house anyway…

The boys and their friends went for a walk/hike/I-have-no-idea-where-they-went-but-I-know-they-didn’t-walk-back-to-Highland-because-their-friend’s-car-is-here….  but-they-will-be-back-at-some-point-and-need-to-eat-SOMETHING….

In the meantime, we needed to eat lunch. We being, me, JB, Snake and Steve when he got back from the estimate he was on. JB and I decided that WE could work the grill and cook up some hot dogs and Polish sausage. And a hamburger for him, he doesn’t like hot dogs/Polish sausage much. Don’t tell the teenagers, they didn’t get that option…

Steve came home and finished up the grilling with JB. Brought everything into the house. We made plates for everyone,  potato salad from the store included.

FYI for all you gluten-free people, ALWAYS check the labels. Only one potato salad was gluten-free at the store. It’s a food service store, they sell to the public but also sell to restaurants, etc. EVERY other potato salad had wheat listed as an ingredient (although this recipe had some dairy in it).

Potato salad…  I was surprised…

That makes me question all the potato salads… I can never buy it from a restaurant or deli again…

Anyway, enough of my food issues…

We were sitting at the dinner table, just ME, STEVE, JB (10) and SNAKE (7).

There was a stuffed animal on the table, a rabbit dressed in a little outfit. I have NO idea how it arrived there on top of The Original’s computer.

It was from my Nana (who passed away eight years ago), she always made Easter baskets for The Original and #2 while she was well. We have two of these bunnies. I love them.

As you know, I posted about the Easter Bunny last week.

Steve, as he’s picking up the rabbit: “Who came up with the idea of the Easter Bunny, anyway?”

The rest of us?

Me: Silence and dirty looks.

JB: Confused, asks no questions.

Snake: The same.

Then they start to ask questions…

Steve: “Well, the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause have been around forever….  Etc…  Etc…”

And about five minutes later, to me, quietly, “Sorry, everybody makes mistakes.”

Yes, right. Thank you…


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