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The Original takes his own car to church, #2 and Dragon usually ride with him. The reason is obvious, he doesn’t want to wait around after Mass while we visit with our friends. I can understand that and he’s usually gone before I notice it.

We were asked to set up tables and chairs in the narthex for hospitality Sat/Sun before 5pm Mass Saturday and to take them down today after 1030 Mass. He didn’t help yesterday, he was on a date. He was sleeping when I left for Religious Ed class this morning and I wanted to catch him before Mass today so he knew he had to stay and help. He was rather short with me when I told him, he’s an usher and told me I was “interfering” with his “greeting” duties…

Mass ended, everyone had a donut (except the gf people and I forgot to bring them cookies) and the place was thinning out. I looked around to see who’s available to help take down the tables.

Who do I see?

No one.

That’s right, no one.

No Original.

No Dragon.

No friends that came to Mass today.


I called The Original. No answer. He probably has his ringer off because of church, I rationalize.

I didn’t call #2, he was camping.

I called Dragon. No answer. He probably has his ringer off because of church,I rationalize.

I’m getting a bit bothered, (ok, well, more than a BIT bothered), it’s a big job and I   don’t want to have to do it

A minute later, The Original calls me back.

“The Original? Where are you? We have to take the tables down.”

“I’m home.”

“You have to come back to help with the tables.”

“I’m not coming back.”

“The Original….” and then I stopped.

I had nothing. What was I going to say that would compel him to come back? He’s done it before, snuck out when I needed him but he didn’t know about it ahead of time. And he’s said no once he’s home but this time…

This time I gave him plenty of notice…

In an instant I realized that he was 18, stubborn at times and that, well, I had nothing… no real authority anymore, I was more of a puppet government at this point and if he was going to stay home, the worst thing I could do would be to cut him off from the internet.

That’s a weird place to be.

I stood there, phone to my ear, in the middle of the narthex, surrounded by people, and said nothing for a couple of seconds.

“I’m outside church, Mommy, it’s a beautiful day and I’m hanging out with my friends. I’m coming in now.”   (He calls me Mommy when he’s in a good mood.)

They all came in, laughing, and took care of everything.

I’m gonna kill him…

As soon as my blood pressure gets back to normal.

That was NOT FUNNY!! (Except to him. And Dragon and his friends, who were standing there when he did it. And to our priest and all the men that I told. And the women. And to another teenager that stopped by today. And to Steve… They all laughed out loud. Some of the women sympathized… but not many…)

Ahhh… the good old days… when I reigned supreme…





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