Gluten Free Saturday Morning Breakfast

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We made Cream of Brown Rice cereal for breakfast this morning. Or, well, Snake “technically” did.

Snake's GF Breakfast

Gluten Free Sensations


Even I had some. It was good. When I was a kid, I used to ask my mom to buy baby rice cereal. I loved it, this is similar but not the same, bumpier but better for you. I used to put a ton of sugar on it, so I did again. Snake and JB were watching me so when I handed the sugar to them, I was obligated to say “As your mom, I have to tell you ‘don’t put too much sugar on it’ and them I’m going to walk away so I can’t see what you are doing and have to stop it.”


Are you cold? If you look to the left, you can see that I opened the window. It’s supposed to get up to 68 degrees today but I guess that hasn’t happened yet…


Well, that’s one way to eat breakfast…

DSC_6895mobile2 And what are you doing under there?


Hey, I saw that spoon, you are eating your cereal too..

After they were done, JB came up to me and said “Snake’s was like a steam bath in there. You should try that sometime.”

JB, there are days when I really feel like putting a blanket over my head to eat my cereal… but today’s not one of themĀ  ;)

Besides, people around here might worry about me if I started eating my cereal like that…

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