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I am working at the office we rent in Downtown Lansing,  and Steve’s phone rings. It’s Dragon, looking for me.

Umm, Dragon? I have my own phone, you know. Ok, maybe it didn’t go through because I had another call coming in…

But the fact that he called Steve right away was interesting… he was LOOKING for me.

“When are you coming home?”

“I don’t know, I’m deciding how much work to get done here, why?”

“No reason, I was just wondering.”

“Are you getting tired of watching them (JB and Snake)?”

“No, not really, here, JB wants to talk to you.”

“Can I use the x-box controls?” (They had been taken away the day before for an infraction that almost caused my head to pop off…)

“Sure, it’s Friday, have fun.”

“OK, here’s Dragon.”

“So, when are you coming home?”

“I’m really not sure, I was going to work on some things here, why?”

I’m trying to organize the marketing plan for the hvac business at the same time I’m working on tax returns…  and it’s SO much quieter here, even when Steve is here…  ;)

“No reason.”

“Oh, come on now, there must be a reason if you are asking me like this.”

“Well, I’m chopping wood in the backyard.”

“And you can’t watch them if you are back there?”

“No, I’m chopping wood and I can’t use the chainsaw if you aren’t here.”

Good point. I’m coming home…


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