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I want an Alice.

I NEED an Alice.



Who can give me an Alice.

For Free.


Carol Brady had a full-time housekeeper. She had 6 kids ages, I’m guessing 16 to about 5, at least when the show started.

She didn’t work outside the home. She “ran” the house.

Yes, she had the added stress of a blended family. But it seemed to be pretty “well-blended” for the show…


She had ALICE.

Alice RAN the house. That really cool, modern house that I watched on reruns (I’m not THAT old, you know)…

Alice had Sam, the Butcher.

She had a uniform.

My Alice can have a Sam. And she doesn’t need to wear a uniform. Jeans and a t-shirt are ok around here.

I can relate to Carol Brady, I have 5 kids 18 to 7 years old. But they are all mine, no blending.

They eat. They sleep. They mess up the house.

Alice would clean up the house…

She would cook the food, clean the kitchen and settle small problems.

Like who should use the pay phone to call their friends…

And match the socks. The three full baskets of socks. And put towels in the kitchen. And the bathroom.

And answer the question, why, if I buy Snake 3 pairs of new jeans, why can’t he find any of them and has to wear the torn pants that continue to make my children look almost homeless???

She would find the jeans. And probably iron them.

I need an Alice.


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