They Are In the Wash, Of Course!

Mar 17, 2013 by

DSC_5197We’ve had a long St. Patrick’s Day week. Lots of fun, lots of work.

Last Tuesday, the JB and Snake danced in show with their school at Gaelic Park.

Friday we set up for the benefit we had on Saturday. (Well, in the interest of being COMPLETELY honest, Steve helped set up on Friday.  He climbed up and down a huge ladder a million times to hang up the balloons, etc. He was there for hours…  I went home to cook something and, well didn’t ;) I did clean the kitchen, though…)

Saturday I spent 3 hours going over the final details of the church’s annual Pot Of Gold raffle, Steve and I sold tickets before and after Mass, went to the benefit and had a great dinner and then took the boys to a show in a neighboring town, took them back home, went back to the benefit, got home about 12:30, got up this morning, sold tickets after (not before ;)) 8:30 Mass, before and after 10:30, had the raffle drawing (didn’t win anything :() cleaned up from the raffle, came home, made brunch (because we didn’t eat earlier), and are going to a local restaurant so the boys can do a few dances in about a half and hour. Steve sat down to watch tv and stumbled across a movie on channel 9.

It’s been a long time since we’ve watched a movie that has commercial breaks. Often “ungraceful” commercial breaks… I forgot about those in the new age of Netflix.

They were watching for about an hour before I finally looked it up online. Sky Captain/World of Tomorrow.

It was going quite well, “Dazzling digital effects combine with comic strip style action as a reporter (Gwyenth Paltrow) and two ace aviators (Jude Law, Angelia Jolie) battle robots in 1930s NYC”.

Well, until they survived being blown out of a mine and the next scene is an awkward “Gwyneth-and-Jude-in-bed-obviously-naked-and-under-the-covers-with-rose-petals-on-the-pillow” scene…

Ummmm…. what just happened?? She looks under the covers. “Where are my clothes?”

He laughs and implies that he is naked too.


Me: “Goggles? Really? Where are their clothes???”

Snake: “In the wash.”

Ok, that made me laugh.

It was not what is seemed and now we are back to the “Dazzling digital effects” part. That’s better…

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