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May 27, 2012 by

I’m sitting here tonight, in the air conditioning.

In the wonderful, glorious environment that exists because of the invention called air conditioning.

Writing this post.

Did I mention the air conditioning?

Our weather, here in the Chicago area, has been strange all year. So, although having temperatures that are near a gazillion degrees at the end of May would have been strange, let’s say, last year, this year it’s completely normal.

This year we needed air conditioning in March.

I’m sitting here in the air conditioning writing this post after taking a shower. You know, the necessary shower after spending a day outside in gazillion degree weather. The shower that beats all other showers, the one that washes away a whole day of heat.

Yes, that kind of shower.

I took that shower after coming home from a party.  In the gazillion degree heat. The kind of heat where you realize you are sweating simply from crossing your legs.

Yes, that kind of heat.

After coming home from a birthday party for a good friend of mine. For a friend I don’t see much lately, but miss terribly and can catch up with in an instant.

Yes, that type of friend.

I rsvp’d as a maybe. JB and Snake are dancing this weekend, Steve is working and the teenagers often have other plans. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. But I put it on the calendar.

That’s the most important part of my system. If it’s not on Outlook, talking to Google, talking to my phone, talking to Google, talking to Outlook, it’s not gonna happen. Sorry, it’s just not.

When we came home from church, we all had different places to be today. Steve: working. The Original, #2 and Dragon: Eagle Court Ceremony for a friend of theirs. Me, JB and Snake: Birthday Party.

But it was hot. And there’s so much to do here. And I could clean up a room or wash some clothes or cook some food or get them ready for tomorrow or, or, or.

But I’ve realized recently that I used those excuses too much in the past. I skipped out of things because of cleaning (which never made much of a difference) or cooking (which never made much of a difference) or whatever (which never made much of a difference…) and I’m not going to do that anymore.

So I packed my buddies in the car with their swimsuits, drove 45 minutes to my friend’s house and wished her a Happy Birthday.

BEST DECISION EVER. (Ok, maybe not EVER, but the best decision of the day. And maybe the weekend.)

When in doubt, just go.

Have fun.

Meet new people.


Sweat in the heat.

Then take that shower and smile.

It really was the best decision of the day.


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  1. Lari

    So glad you did too Erin. I love ya!

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