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I know boys. I mean, I really, really know boys.

I know when they are telling the truth and I know when they are lying.

I know when they are hurting and I know when they are faking.

I know when they are really mad and I know when they are joking.

I know when they are capable of something and I know when they are not.

It’s not a gift, it’s my job experience. 18 years of knowing boys.

You know what I don’t know?


At all. A couple of years ago we were at our homeschool co-op. A six or seven year old girl was quite upset. “What’s wrong?” I asked, in the ladies room. She then told me this long, involved story about who had done her wrong. I was moved. I was touched. I was going to do something about it until I talked to her mother.

“Yea, she’s lying about that, it didn’t happen.”

REALLY? Wow, I believed every word.

I have NO defense mechanism for girls, good or bad. NONE. No filter, no screen. I mostly just don’t want to hurt their feelings.

My new “Girl Issue”? My neighbors’ granddaughter. She’s 5. She’s adorable. She’s precocious. She’s Miss T.

I have no defense against girls like this. Like my nieces, I have no “NO” option.

When she comes to visit Nana and Pappa and the weather is nice, she plays outside with JB and Snake. No, she can’t tell them apart and simply calls them “The Boys”. Yes, even after all this time. And her mother is from Georgia and has the cutest southern accent. Some of it has been passed on to her. It’s impossible to resist that combination.

One day she asked if “The Boys” could go huntin’ with her Daddy. I said, yes, of course. He does hunt, quite well, but when he “hunts” with her in the forest preserve they just look for deer. It still hasn’t happened but when when she does ask her Daddy, at least she knows the answer.

About a month ago, she asked if she could come in. Honestly, she asks that a lot but on this day I actually said yes, Must have been getting cold in the backyard, I don’t usually allow things like this ;)

I was finishing up knitting JB’s hat. Turns out, she had no interest in playing legos with “The Boys” or even video games.

It was soon apparent that she was here to talk to ME. As in, she sat down at the table where I was working and struck up a conversation.

“So, whatcha making?”

“A hat for JB”

“You know, I know how to knit, you just put those two stick together and (flurry of finger activity)”

“Yup, that’s pretty much how it goes (I have no idea what she means.)”

“You know……………………………………………….you could make something for ME….”

“Well, yes, I guess, I could. What would you want?”

We talked scarves. I have extra yarn that I picked up on clearance a while ago that would work for a little girl. I went upstairs and brought down three choices.

She picked purple. She said “You can make a scarf out of that for me” and then she pointed to the pink. “And a hat made out of that”.

Yea, see, no filter, no defense mechanism. Now a hat? I am silent. Ok, I’ll work that out.

Turns out, she’s getting a pink, not purple, scarf. Once I started on the purple one, I realized that one skein was not enough.

Here’s her pink scarf, half-way done:

I hope she likes it but more importantly I have to get it done soon. Once I agreed to make it, girls seem to REALLY hold you to that promise.

As in, we came back from my sister’s house on Easter night. I was probably 8 or 8:30.  Miss T came out from their family celebrations to say hi and asked “So, how’s that scarf coming?”

“Oh, it’s coming along, Miss T, it’s coming along.”

I saw her yesterday but I was running out of the house. I said hi, sweetie, have to to go (Your scarf is not done and I’m afraid to answer to you!!! See you soon!!!)

So I’ll have it done by this weekend and I’ll wrap it up in a cute pink ribbon.

Just between you and me? It was fun to make. It is pink. And fluffy. Shh… don’t tell anyone….





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