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I came across a recipe for socca a few weeks back. It’s a gluten-free chickpea flour pancake, cooked in the oven with, yes, lots of olive oil. Or coconut oil, your choice.

Here’s the recipe: recipe for socca bread that we liked

The socca is amazing, addictive and… not based on carbs. It’s made out of garbanzo bean flour which means it keeps a lot of it’s “good” food attributes, like fiber…

Here’s the socca we made, we ended up making pizza out of it.

Gluten free bread

But I like to eat it all the time. Especially after I have juice for breakfast, it beats the potato chip carb thing I crave after my green juice in the am…

Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Gluten Free Pizza Crust

PNotice the cheese, Daiya. Dairy-free for those that need it. Like me, JB and Snake. This stuff is really good and melts well. Soy based, everything in moderation, right?



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