Luck, Chance and a Tree

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We live on a pretty good sized lot, about 50 feet wide by 200ish feet deep (we live on a crooked street so each lot is a little bit bigger/smaller, depending on your point of view, from it’s next door neighbor).

Our neighbors to the west of us have a double wide lot (not to be confused with anything else that is called a double wide), a beautiful home and lots of trees. They are now called Neighbors A.

Yesterday Neighbors A had one less tree than they had on Tuesday.

I was running errands, alone, during a storm. Yes, Snake let me out of the house without him. But I had a curfew, I do every time. “Mom… I’m sad… when are you coming home?” Then I say something generic, like, “In an hour”, thinking that he can’t really tell how long an hour is. The funny thing (yea, not so much) is that he is ALWAYS able to figure out when that hour is up and he makes someone call me. Or text me. I get texts from Steve that say “When are you coming home? Snake”. My husband isn’t tracking me down, my 6yo is.

There was a storm going on while I was out but it didn’t seem that bad, there was some rain, it seemed like there was a lot of wind, it was just cold and miserable, really. But nothing I would have considered “extreme”.

I came home, unloaded a few groceries, talked to the kids and decided to get a glass of water. I looked out of the window and, well, WOW, our neighbor’s tree was down. This had to have happened AFTER I came home (I would have seen it from our driveway) and before my glass of water. And we didn’t hear a thing.

(ALL of these pictures were taken from my house because I don’t want my neighbors to think I am some sort of a crazy woman who takes pictures of their trees that fall down just to put them on their blog. I prefer to do that from the privacy of my own home, I do live next door, right?   ;) And sometimes the screen got in the way, please ignore that.)

The tree was split at the base. I called our neighbor at their business and gave her the news. One of her first questions was “Did it hit your house?” “No, I answered, it went straight towards the street. It’s not blocking the street and I don’t think it took down any wires. I’m sorry I had to call to tell you this” “Oh, that’s ok, thanks for calling.”

I hadn’t thought about it hitting our house.

I called our OTHER next door neighbor, to the east, right after I called Neighbors A. They are now called Neighbors B. They are good friends and their boys work for Neighbor A.

The Fire Department came out to evaluate the situation and make sure everything was safe. Once again, a slow day in our town. That’s one of the things we like about it. The Fire Department comes out when a tree goes down. “First one of the storm” I heard. “That’s a big tree, someone could have been hurt.”

I hadn’t thought about it hitting our house but now I was starting to. That is a big tree, what would have happened?

The village came by and cleaned it up to the sidewalk. I guess that’s all they are obligated to do. We watched the machines, it was captivating. Yes, I know, a downed tree. That’s how my life works, I enjoy watching my boys watch people taking apart a tree.

Poor Snake and JB had to watch from the window. Why? 1. I had just started to give JB a haircut when all the action began and 2. It was cold and wet outside and I was NOT going to go out with them. Besides, did I mention that we live next door?

After the village removed the tree to the sidewalk, it was up to Neighbors A and B to remove the tree. Luckily, they have just the right people for the job. Three kids in their 20’s and a couple of chainsaws.

I sent #2 and Dragon out to help, that’s what neighbors do, right? Send their kids out in the cold and rain to help the neighbors while I stay in my warm and dry house and watch from the window. Besides, I knew that those kids had it covered, what did they need me for, anyway?


The young men made quick work of the rest of the tree.

And within an hour or so the whole thing was cut up. My boys and Neighbor B’s boys (in their 20’s) decided to take the bulk of the wood for firewood.

They had a pick up truck.

My boys had that red cart you see if you look really closely.

But my guys managed to transport whatever firewood they wanted to the back of our yard using that cart and hard work.

I finally realized that the tree could have hit our house, but it didn’t. Luck? Chance?

Who knows, but I’m very grateful that it fell the way it did. And that no one was hurt.



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  1. I left at 2:15 to pick the kids up from school–no tree in the street. I returned at 2:40 to find a tree in the street. Left to run an errand at 2:50, and LPW had blocked off the street to do their thing. Returned at 3:10 to find public works gone, and an industrious team of boys with power tools chopping up the remains. Can’t get over how quickly the whole thing was over! And really glad it didn’t fall the other way onto your house . . . whew!

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