Don’t Hate Us Because We’re Beautiful

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I was looking through old pictures, waaaaaay back to 1996. No, change that, waaaaay back to 2006, what difference does 10 years make, anyway.

I found our “photo shoot” for our 2006 Christmas card. TONS of pictures taken. Here’s all of them. If you are easily bored, please just cut and run at this point, I don’t blame you.

I can’t even remember which one we chose for the card. If you have one, let me know.

Hey, aren’t we missing someone? Snake? Yes?

And no, Wallace (from the Wallace and Gromit movies) is not an acceptable substitute for Snake. At least not in our Christmas card picture.

Wow, this would have been the keeper. Except for Wallace, of course. Not sure why we started with him, that should be Snake. Before he had the name Snake. Anyway, he must have been napping.

But this is a nice picture, right?

Oh, and except for Dragon’s shirt. Those are stains on his shirt. How do I know those are stains and not part of the t-shirt design?

Because I know him. Very well.

And I do his laundry…

What were we doing? Practicing? Probably…

There he is! He must have been napping, he looks sleepy.

Uh oh, and Wallace is still there. I hope this doesn’t become awkward but I’m sorry, Wallace will have to go.

At least for the Christmas card picture. (Don’t worry, Wallace still has a home here. I saw him tonight.)

“No, really? I love Wallace.”

Yes, honey, he’s not going to be in the picture.

Awwww, #2 DOES love Snake there’s the proof.

Rebels without a cause. It’s a Christmas card picture, for heaven’s sake. Lose the home-school-altar-server-Boy-Scout attitude you have goin’ on here. Really.

Oh, you were just joking around? I get it. Keep up that home-school-altar-server-Boy-Scout attitude you have goin’ on here. It’s working.

Wait, escaping Snake, go back. We need a picture for our Christmas card!

Some of us are bored and need snacks. DO NOT take pictures of us now.


I’m guessing that this is the final choice but don’t quote me on that. I do like it, though. If I had to choose my 2006 Christmas card picture in 2011 I would pick this one.

Definitely NOT this one…

Or this one..

Or this one…

Or this one…

Or this one…

I think I figured out why Wallace was in the first batch of pictures.

Or this one…

But maybe this one…

No, not this one…

Ok JB, now you are just being unprofessional.

Really, you need to eat again? NERDS? I didn’t notice that the first time around. Wow, I must have not paying attention. Enjoy them.

Ok, I had a 1yo, a 3yo, a 7yo, a 10yo and a 12 yo. Was I paying attention to candy? NO.  But I love your toes….

Last picture taken. See, it’s always been EASY to get a great picture of five boys for our Christmas card. Really, it is.


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