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One learns a lot of things along this path we call parenthood. When you raise only boys, you get to know boys pretty well. That was interesting for me, I am one of three girls. But not having brothers hasn’t been an issue for me, when you raise them from the time they are babies they are just a part of you. And you adapt as necessary.

I have an interesting insight because my boys have a wide age range, there is 11 years between the oldest and the youngest. Enough time to see patterns repeat themselves. And enjoy that. I love when we find toys or shows that the Original and #2 played with or liked and now JB and Dragon are fascinated with them.

One thing I have noticed lately, however, are the similarities between teenage boys and 2 year olds. No, I don’t have a 2 year old but Snake is barely six, I remember… (and I looked it up once I realized what was going on…)

1. One of the big milestones for a 2yo is the ability to follow a 2-step command. We are all so proud when they master this, when the doctor asks we check it off on the list of “parent-well-done” items.

No one tells us that they will lose this ability at about the time puberty hits. Ask them to do more than one thing at a time and they SWEAR you never said to do the second (or God-forbid the third) thing. Yes, they lose the ability to follow a 2 step command. The only thing that keeps me sane around here are their friends, who actually do hear me (but then again, I’m not their mother). When the teenager in question SWEARS I never told them the second or third command, their friends quietly say “Yes, she did”. I wish they could live with us. I would feed them…

Teenage boys and 2yos can’t follow 2 step commands.

2. The Original came home from Summit Corps on a Saturday. Yes, a lot of hard work and a long drive. We went to church on Sunday, some of us stayed home from the air show and they wanted to watch a movie. “I’ll make a deal, if you match that ginornmous basket of socks, you can watch the movie”.

He complained, he resisted, he reminded me of a song when they were kids, the lyrics included “NO, NO, NO, I don wanna, I don wanna. NO, NO, NO, I don wanna, NO NO.” The only option that made him happy was to match the white socks in our room in the second floor heat. Fine, whatever. An hour and a half later I went up there, fully expecting him to be asleep. He wasn’t. He confessed, he did take a nap, about an hour. And then looked at me, stretched out his arms and said “Mommy! Give me a hug!” in his goofiest voice ever.

Teenage boys and 2yos need naps.

3. I spent about a half an hour in my kitchen today talking to The Original, #2 and their friend, a girl they have known forever, BB. If you have ever listened to the actual conversation between a group like this you realize that teenage boys think stupid jokes are funny. They even repeat them if you “didn’t get it” the first time.

Teenage boys and 2yos laugh at themselves and stupid jokes. They also both talk to themselves. I wonder if they both get answers…

And here’s a few things on a list I found about 2yos. You tell me how many apply to teenage boys. I’ve highlighted a few in bold letters.

  • plays alongside others more than with them
  • acts shy around strangers
  • likes to imitate parents
  • easily frustrated
  • affectionate – hugs and kisses
  • insists on trying to do several tasks without help
  • enjoys simple make-believe like talking on phone, putting on hat
  • very possessive – offers toys to other children but then wants them back
  • needs considerable time to change activities
  • capable of frequent tantrums, which are often a result of his inability to express himself even though he has ideas
  • can show aggressive behavior and the intent to hurt others
  • can be extremely demanding and persistent
  • destructive to objects around him when frustrated and angry
  • possessive about caregiver’s attention; show feelings of jealousy
  • has fears and nightmares
  • has sense of humor; capable of laughter
  • shows interest in dressing, brushing hair and teeth
  • cannot sit still or play with a toy for more than a few minutes



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