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We had our second annual “Snake’s Birthday at the Beach” celebration last week, on his birthday. Last year he said that all he wanted for his birthday was to eat watermelon on the beach. Seems simple enough but it ended up to be just Snake, me, JB and The Original. Yes, enough people for a normal size party but not enough for around here.

This year his request was the same. Watermelon on the beach for his birthday. Which beach? Both years we have gone to Mount Baldy at the Indiana Dunes? Why?

Well, first of all, we love Mount Baldy, it’s his favorite beach. And it’s a great beach. Except for that “Mount” part. I’m not a fan of mountains… http://www.lifewithfiveboys.com/2011/03/27/potwatomi-hike-part-one-mount-holden/

Secondly, last year we were going to stop at Warren Dunes on the way back from dropping Dragon off at scout summer camp in Michigan. We have never been to the Warren Dunes and it was on the way home. But they had a $10 parking fee and we were only going to stay an hour or so and Mount Baldy’s parking is free. We chose Mount Baldy. Once a tradition was established, why mess with it?

So who was able to come this year?

Birthday boy.

Big brother #4.

Big brother #3.

Big brother #2

Big brother #1.

Mom and Dad and even… Oobi. He’s on #2’s lap. Full car this year. I guess we must all really love that kid. Yes, we all loved him last year but they were busy. Ok, the fact that we love him has nothing to do with this. We were all AVAILABLE.

They must love Trader Joe’s. Or they love stickers. Or they love messing up the back seat of Bessie with Trader Joe’s stickers.

Wow. Lots of love goin’ on right now, huh.

Found this self-portrait just like this.

Birthday Boy hiding donuts.

Gluten-free donuts. That’s ok.

There is nothing, no NOTHING more fun for a 17yo kid than to go to the beach to celebrate his brother’s 6th birthday. Can’t you just FEEL the excitement in him?

Ok, the truth. He is working 6 days a week at 2 jobs to earn enough money to buy himself a laptop. And he took off early this day to spend the afternoon with us. He deserves the nap, trust me.

We decided to bring our lunch and cooler and blankets to the beach instead of eating in the parking lot so we had a lot to carry. A lot. And then someone had to use the bathroom. And then we realized we forgot the camera in the car so someone had to go back. And then some of us went to the beach instead of waiting. I was going to go ahead to to the beach but I waited behind for Dragon and #2 because I couldn’t handle the dog and my knitting bag and the food and my flip flops. And then I got sand in my bag with the camera. And then I got bothered by that so I decided to wait. And, and, and. There’s always another “and”. That’s just how it goes around here.

The next picture I was able to take (while still carrying tons of stuff and maybe my flip flops) was this one. It’s Oobi, racing down the path to the beach. Yes, blurry, my hands were full.

My guys, the Paul Bunyan twins. Their clothing style? If a lumberjack or the infantry won’t wear it, neither will they. Except, obviously, swim trunks. I don’t think lumberjacks wear swim trunks. I’m not sure what the military does.

See? Isn’t it pretty? But, like I said, there is some work to get to the beach.

And speaking of flip flops, (ok, go up a couple of paragraphs) I always wear them to the dunes. In my head, I think I am going to the beach. I forget that there is work involved in getting to said beach. There is a trail. A long, hilly trail. Kind of like a bear hunt. I can’t go over it, I can’t go under it, I have to go through it. Flip Flop, Flip Flop, Flip Flop.

And then I immediately regret wearing flip flops to the dunes. I haven’t decided exactly what shoes are best, but I know flip flops are the worst. I take them off when there is a loose, sandy trail and then have to put them back on when the trail gets hard and full of sharp things.

All the while I am balancing the load of stuff I have to carry. I change my flip flop situation about 5 times on the way from the parking lot to the beach. And then 6 times on the way back. You would think I would learn by now, but, as of last week, I haven’t.



Oh, it’s going to be a great day!

(Once I manage to get to a permanent spot with my stuff and my flip flops.)

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